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Alberta’s National Parks – Your Winter Camping Destination

A Breakdown of Three Year-Round Campsites in Alberta

2017 has been an exciting year for Canadians, especially Canadian campers. With the government stepping up and offering free access to all of the Country’s national parks in honor of this great nation’s 150th birthday, we’ve had the opportunity to experience our own backyard like we’ve never seen it before. We’ve been able to teach our children to explore. We’ve allowed a natural curiosity and awe for this beautiful country to grow within them. The blanket of snow outside our windows doesn’t mean that we have to stop exploring. In fact, we still have two months left to enjoy the beauty of this country free of charge – let’s take advantage of them!

Winter camping is definitely an acquired taste. Only those who are truly dedicated to the art will enjoy spending the chilly months out in their RV instead of inside their cozy homes. But for those who are interested in exploring the winter wilderness, there is [...]

Because we are an RV service center, we can offer some insight as to the common mistakes/missed steps that we see happen quite often. In the process, we can help you prolong the life of your RV, and help you better maintain it.

  1. PUT YOUR AWNING AWAY- If you are not going to be using your RV, make sure you store your awning correctly. Awnings are not designed to withstand inclement weather such as strong winds, storms or hail, and if you are not close by to store them in the event of this type of weather, they can sustain serious damage. Awnings can be expensive to replace, so be diligent in this practice!
  2. HITCH LOCK – one of the easiest ways to help prevent theft, or attempted theft, of your RV. It acts as a deterrent to thieves, as it would take a lot of effort to try to remove unnoticed. Hitch locks [...]

Must have Accessories that make RVing Easier

Check out the Latest and Greatest RV Accessories
Camper Leveler- Level your RV on the first try with no problems! $150
Why the staff at Schwab’s RV loves them: They are extremely easy to use! We can level our RVs on the first try. They are one of our best selling accessories. Surge Protector- Protect all your valuable electrical equipment with a Surge Protector. In the event of a surge, this device acts as a breaker and prevents damage to the electrical devices in your RV. $150 Why the staff at Schwab’s RV loves them: They protect your RV from sudden voltage spikes, and the resultant dangerous currents. Fifth Wheel King Pin Stabilizer Jacks- Stop all that unwanted movement in your RV. $150
Why the staff at Schwab’s RV loves them: They assist in your fifth wheel feeling more stable when [...]

Camping With Your Kids

Enjoy the Outdoors With Your Family

Kids campingI have 6 and 8 year old girls and they love camping, especially if we bring our iPad and other electronic devices for the trip……….hmmmmm.
I remember when I was young and when we went camping, it was an opportunity to do things we weren’t able to do at home (or for some reason chose not to).

When you go camping, you are able to talk and hike and talk and fish and talk and swim and talk and boat…you see where I am going! There is no RUSH when you are camping, so whether it’s throwing a frisbee or having a meal, you are able to slow it down and enjoy your time together.

Your kids enjoy the time you are able to spend with them. Maybe it’s a sandcastle, maybe it’s a walk…or [...]

Winter Camping

Know How to Prepare Your RV for Winter
Winter Camping Tips
Winter Camping Tips

Extend your camping season all year long! Most people think because we live in a cold climate RV camping should only exist in spring, summer and fall. However, there are many campgrounds open year round who encourage winter camping. Camping in below zero temperatures could be the most fun you’ve ever had. Imagine no crowds, a peaceful snowshoe in the mountains or alone with your loved one or ones under a quiet moonlight. Let us help you get prepared with important preparation items and tips for cold weather camping.

Preparing Your RV

Keeping your RV warm can be very challenging. Make sure to check weather reports to determine amount of preparation needed. Most important part of staying warm is proper clothing and blankets. Layer up because it’s easier to shed layers than not having enough. To help keep your trailer warm here are a few tips.Winter Camping Tips

Black Friday Sale

RV show pricing ALL November
Black Friday Sale

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